Zeit und Tag

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I really didn't see a magical change in my writing. I have never blogged before. I was a little tentative at first, but then I just posted whatever I felt like. It took me a little bit to adjust to the audience. I primarily was the audience as those people in this class, so I tailored what I wrote to them. I never wrote the blog for myself. I would sit down and do it as an assignment. This was not an assignment that I hated, in fact I mostly enjoyed it. I would try to think up things people would be interested in, or post an opinion that someone might value. I don't see a great quality change in my writing. The entries I wrote were either good or marginal, but it was based on if I had something that had just happened that I could write about, or if I was scrambling to come up with something. I have good entries, at least in my opinion, throughout the semester. I thought it was a way to randomly write, but I am not too sure how much value I place on them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

We Don't Need People Like You

I work in customer service for a company that sells plasma cutting and welding products. I spend a lot of my time on the phone with customers taking orders, answering product questions, quoting pricing, solving problems, etc. Most people are decent polite professionals, but them there are the jerks. For example a customer from Florida calls in and demands to know where his contact tips are. I search our records and find nothing. (He forgot to order them.) He becomes irritated as he needed them now he says. He them places the order for them, and some other parts. He then says, I want to add to this order on Monday, to make it bigger, (This was a Friday.) could I hold the order. Fine, I say, no problem. I enter the order as I have it so far, and fax him his confirmation of what he had so far, with a note that his order will hold for shipment until we hear back from him. (as he had requested) At 4:15 (we close at 5:00, our cutoff for guaranteed same day shipping is 3:00, and UPS picks up at 4:30) he calls in and is extremely rude. Didn't he tell me he needed the product, what did I mean, the package was holding, it had to ship today. I, as we are required to do, remained polite, we could get it out, our apologies for the confusion, and them raced to make sure the package would ship, but what a jerk. This is the Christmas season, the time for kindness, peace on earth, a time to reflect. We are so much more fortunate than so many, there is just no need to act that way, to treat people badly. We just don't need people like that.

Friday, November 25, 2005

I Forgot

I totally forgot to blog, since class was cancelled. Thanksgivingwas great. I went on the traditional Thanksgiving hike, except there was six inches of snow on the trail, which made it interesting. The deals were great in at Kohls this morning, but it was a mad rush.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Not Enough Time

I have to do my big Business Policy Presentation today. I have worked on it all weekend. This project has hours of my time in it. I have done mountains of research. The worst part of it all, is that my professor is allowing a postal inspector from Boston, who has full law enforcement status to come and watch my presentation. It is just a coincidence that he is in town; he is doing a seminar on identity theft, so if he comes to watch, he will likely notice every mistake, misinterpretation, and invalid assumption I make. Great.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Oh No! They Got Me!

When you spend your time laughing at others pranks, you are bound to be on the receiving end. I had to leave work to go to the dentist. Now, I have never had a cavity. The hygienists rave about how good my teeth are. Everyone else in my family has lousy teeth, so I brag a little sometimes. This means I have never minded those six month cleanings. I get to the dentist, and oh yeah, my aunt is my hygienist. She has just started poking around in my mouth when she gets this serious look on her face. She starts poking this one spot. Ohhhh, I think you have the start to a cavity, she says. She pokes some more. Great, I think, there goes my record. Boy am I going to hear it now. Why is this happening now? They said if you made it to age 18 without one, that you should never get one. Well, then I think, it was just Halloween, and you do love those Sugar Babies, which are awful for teeth. So I say, what do you mean with a “start to a cavity,” what will you do for it? She says, well we’ll see what the dentist thinks when he comes in. She proceeds with the cleaning. I get x-rays, the normal routine, except I’m really irritated the entire time. She brings back my x-rays and starts showing me the “spot.” Well I don’t know what teeth are supposed to look like in an x-ray, so I believe her completely. Then she starts laughing at me. I’m like, what? Then she tells me. My boss had called as soon as I left. My boss lives near my aunt and knows her; in fact my boss’s sister works as a receptionist in the same dental office. My boss told my aunt to tell me I had this cavity, and get me going, and my aunt had been oh so willing to comply. I got back to work and everyone I work with was waiting to hear how my simple cleaning had gone, and laughing the whole time. Boy do I now owe my boss one, and she knows it too.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Upton & Hatfield

I have a co-worker “Mike” who has a sister “Kelly.” Kelly was at Dunkin Donuts in the at a complete stop in the drive through line, when a woman bumped into the back of her car. Kelly was in a truck with a trailer hitch so there was no damage. She and the other woman got out. The other woman apologized, was she alright, and she was so sorry, she was having a bad day, she just wasn’t paying attention. Kelly gets back into her truck, and then the woman bumps into her again. This time Kelly was a little aggravated, so she gets out and says a few obscenities to the woman, but there was still no damage, so they both leave, end of incident. Kelly calls Mike at work and tells his about what happened. Mike sees an opportunity. Mike gets together with another co-worker “Dave” and put together a plan. Kelly has met Dave, but does not know him well enough to recognize his voice. Mike gives Dave his sister’s work phone number. Later in the afternoon the following conversation occurs on speakerphone for everyone to hear:

Dave: “Hello, is this Kelly ….. Yes, this is Richard Upton, representing the law office of Upton and Hatfield, out of Concord. I understand you were in an accident at Dunkin Donuts this morning….”

Kelly: “Well, I was, this woman ran into me. (She is already getting wound up, and her co-workers are now gathering around to hear this conversation, as they all know about the morning’s incident.”

Dave: “I understand that you backed into my client “Sarah Jones” while she was in line. My client is now at the Dartmouth spinal clinic being treated for injuries.”

Kelly: (now all worked up) “What are you talking about, she ran into me, twice in fact, and there were no injuries.” (to co-workers, can you believe this is happening, she is now all upset, thinking people pull these kinds of scams)

Dave: “There were witnesses to the accident, who gave us your name, and I understand that you used some bad language, as well.”

Kelly: I’m telling you the truth, she hit me. (Now thoroughly panicked, as she now remembers that there were people watching the whole thing, and thinking that they must have been tied in with the woman who hit her)

Mike: (quietly to Dave, as everyone listening is dying with laughter) “alright, this is far enough, let’s make her figure out it’s a joke.”

Dave: “Well we have a representative at the Dunkin Donuts right now. We need you to go meet with him.”

Kelly: “I can leave work in ten minutes, I’ll be there.” (no suspicion of the prank)

Dave: “And make sure you bring your coffee cup with you.”

Kelly: “But I don’t even drink coffee.” (again, no suspicion)

Dave: “Then bring your donut bag, you must have a powder sample, we’ll have to do a powder sample of your hands.” (at this point the conversation has become ridiculous in the attempt to make her figure it out)

Kelly: (still not catching on) “No I can’t come meet you. I am going to have to speak with my lawyer first.” (still serious)

Dave: “That is fine, let me give you a phone number where you can reach me to set up the appointment.” (Dave proceeds to give Kelly her brother Mike’s phone number)


Kelly: “Oh my gosh, I am going to kill you, Mike picks up the phone, I believed you, I thought this whole thing was real, people do these kinds of things……….

We spend the rest of the day recounting the incident and laughing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Why We Don't Take the Time

A 15 year old girl died in my town. She had battled cancer for a year. She was the youngest of five children. Her family was very poor. Her home was broken when she was 8. Her mother went through a bad time, so the children were sent to their father. They were all very intelligent, good students who worked hard. The girls were artistic as well. This girl had won prizes for her art. She was a straight A student. She was diagnosed when undergoing a physical so she could try out for soccer. She had a chance for a bright future. When she got sick, there was no article in the newspaper. There was no fundraiser to help the family, like there was for a more popular, better connected girl a few years earlier who was about the same age. There was no outpouring of public sympathy and support. Few people knew at all. The cancer was a rare form of muscle cancer. By the time it was even diagnosed, the doctors knew it was too late. She did get a Make a Wish trip to the Bahamas, but no one outside the family knew. She came home from the hospital, to die at home, eight hours later. When she died, the paper wrote up a big article. They had to now, because everyone would see the obituary and for a moment think, how sad, what a tragedy, why didn’t we know. The wake was the next day, and the funeral the following. Then it was all over. At work someone mentioned how sad it all was. Who will think of her again? Who will reach out to the next child? Americans have their reasons not to consider tragedies. Most are too busy, or it doesn’t really affect them. Life just goes on and too many people act more and more like robots, functioning but not caring, doing, but not thinking, acting, but not feeling. There is no time to do those things.