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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Upton & Hatfield

I have a co-worker “Mike” who has a sister “Kelly.” Kelly was at Dunkin Donuts in the at a complete stop in the drive through line, when a woman bumped into the back of her car. Kelly was in a truck with a trailer hitch so there was no damage. She and the other woman got out. The other woman apologized, was she alright, and she was so sorry, she was having a bad day, she just wasn’t paying attention. Kelly gets back into her truck, and then the woman bumps into her again. This time Kelly was a little aggravated, so she gets out and says a few obscenities to the woman, but there was still no damage, so they both leave, end of incident. Kelly calls Mike at work and tells his about what happened. Mike sees an opportunity. Mike gets together with another co-worker “Dave” and put together a plan. Kelly has met Dave, but does not know him well enough to recognize his voice. Mike gives Dave his sister’s work phone number. Later in the afternoon the following conversation occurs on speakerphone for everyone to hear:

Dave: “Hello, is this Kelly ….. Yes, this is Richard Upton, representing the law office of Upton and Hatfield, out of Concord. I understand you were in an accident at Dunkin Donuts this morning….”

Kelly: “Well, I was, this woman ran into me. (She is already getting wound up, and her co-workers are now gathering around to hear this conversation, as they all know about the morning’s incident.”

Dave: “I understand that you backed into my client “Sarah Jones” while she was in line. My client is now at the Dartmouth spinal clinic being treated for injuries.”

Kelly: (now all worked up) “What are you talking about, she ran into me, twice in fact, and there were no injuries.” (to co-workers, can you believe this is happening, she is now all upset, thinking people pull these kinds of scams)

Dave: “There were witnesses to the accident, who gave us your name, and I understand that you used some bad language, as well.”

Kelly: I’m telling you the truth, she hit me. (Now thoroughly panicked, as she now remembers that there were people watching the whole thing, and thinking that they must have been tied in with the woman who hit her)

Mike: (quietly to Dave, as everyone listening is dying with laughter) “alright, this is far enough, let’s make her figure out it’s a joke.”

Dave: “Well we have a representative at the Dunkin Donuts right now. We need you to go meet with him.”

Kelly: “I can leave work in ten minutes, I’ll be there.” (no suspicion of the prank)

Dave: “And make sure you bring your coffee cup with you.”

Kelly: “But I don’t even drink coffee.” (again, no suspicion)

Dave: “Then bring your donut bag, you must have a powder sample, we’ll have to do a powder sample of your hands.” (at this point the conversation has become ridiculous in the attempt to make her figure it out)

Kelly: (still not catching on) “No I can’t come meet you. I am going to have to speak with my lawyer first.” (still serious)

Dave: “That is fine, let me give you a phone number where you can reach me to set up the appointment.” (Dave proceeds to give Kelly her brother Mike’s phone number)


Kelly: “Oh my gosh, I am going to kill you, Mike picks up the phone, I believed you, I thought this whole thing was real, people do these kinds of things……….

We spend the rest of the day recounting the incident and laughing.


  • At 7:18 AM, Blogger Lorianne said…

    What made this even funnier is the fact that I used to do business with Upton & Hatfield, when I lived in Hillsboro, NH.


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